Feb 18 WOD

10 min to est max load Turkish get up 20 min AMRAP 50 Meter sled pull 12 Ktb 12 Box jumps 1 Rope climb

Feb 17 WOD

100 Sit ups 3 min cap For time 400 Meter run Buddy WOD 12 min AMRAP 6 Deadlifts Max effort burpee Score will be total numbers of burpees complete Both buddies working at all times. Buddies will switch back and forth between both movements. Buddy #1 will complete the 6 deadlifts tag buddy and continue with burpees. Buddy #2 will then complete the 6 deadlifts and continue the pattern. Aftermath 400 Meter run

Feb 16 WOD

12 min to est 1rm Clean and Jerk WOD 5 rounds: 5 power cleans @135/95LBS, 10 front squats @135/95LBS, 5 jerks @135/95LBS, 20 pull-ups *25 min time cap

Feb 14 WOD

Buddy WOD 20 Min AMRAP 10 Ktb swing 15 Push ups 20 Sit ups 10 Wall ball 20/10 *One buddy working at all times*

Feb 13 WOD

Heavy Grace 30 Clean and jerks for time Rx 185/115 Scaled 155/85 * 10 min cap With a 12 min cap time Back squats for max load 4-4-3-2-2-2 WOD 1500 M row

Feb 12 WOD

10 min DU challenge *First to 50 du wins. Loser owes the winner 10 burpees. Once you start to jump if the rope stops for any reason you must perform 3 burpees on the spot and then continue with du. Buddy WOD 5 Rounds 24 Plate G2O RX45/25 scaled 35/10 22 180 Burpee hurdle hop 20 Box step overs w RX45/25 scaled 35/10 100 M run =200 m run * for the 180 burpee hurdle hop you must jump and turn doing your burpee facing the opposite direction. *One buddy working at all times but buddies must complete the 100 meter run. Tag your buddy to show ...

Sledge 90 Days Challenge

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Feb 11 WOD

12 Min to est 5RM Deadlift WOD 5 RFT 50 Sit ups 20 Box jumps 120 Chain pull 135/90